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There's a better way to train apprentices

At MTA NSW, we don't just train people; we unlock their potential and passion for the automotive industry - and that's not something that can be achieved by placing people into an overcrowded classroom.

We don't do classrooms or block training. We won't make you wait 6 months for the next intake to get your apprentice into training. We won't ignore how your apprentice is progressing just to tick a box. 

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Where you work

We understand it's time consuming and inefficient to have your apprentice travel to sit in a classroom that is nothing like your workshop. Don't come to us, we'll come to you. MTA training is onsite and  one-on-one.

How you work

Turn theory into practice while getting real work done. We train with your tools at your workshop so there's nothing left to the imagination and apprentices can learn with your workshop as their classroom.

When you work

Losing your apprentice for a week at a time or trying to fit work around class schedules is difficult and can cost you time and money. Our trainers work to your schedule and can accommodate if someone is sick or if you're busy.

One on One

There's no better way to learn than having someone tailor your learning to your needs and being completely focused on you. We're all different and our trainers pride themselves on getting the best out of every apprentice.

Looking to switch?
​If you already have an apprentice training with another provider you can always contact your AASN and ask to switch your apprentice to MTA.

Types of apprenticeships

Our training covers the entire automotive sector including 30+ specialisations for apprentices and skilled automotive professionals. We offer apprenticeships in:

  • Light Vehicle Mechanical 
  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanical 
  • Panel & Paint
  • Sales & Administratio​n

Who we work with

MTA is trusted by the Australian Apprenticeship Suppot Network Providers to deliver high quality apprenticeship training right across the automotive sector.

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