Our Promise
MTA Training

The MTA Difference

We don't just train people; we unlock their potential and passion for the automotive industry - and that's not something that can be achieved by throwing people into an overcrowded classroom and treating people like they are all the same.

MTA training is different. Here's why:

  • One-on-one and hands-on training
  • At your place of work using your tools
  • Aligned to your personal goals and tailored to your needs.

Training Today, 
for Tomorrow

Our industry is changing fast, which is why we ensure our trainers' ability to move beyond the technical and equip students with the resilience to adapt and thrive for tomorrow. Our trainers are experienced, specialised, and really know their stuff.

The Automotive Specialists

We are the only auto training specialists that offer the full range of auto courses and qualifications across the entirety of NSW and the ACT. No matter what your needs are, where you're located, or where you want to take things, MTA can support you.

 Made For You

By tailoring our training to our students' and business' learning outcomes and styles, we achieve deeper engagement, increased satisfaction, and high completion rates. One-to-one, onsite at your place of work, with your tools. 

Careers Beyond Qualifications

Our training is designed to build long and prosperous careers. It's our commitment to teaching what works in real life, not just the textbooks, supported by the latest technology and learning techniques.