Course Fees
MTA Training

Fees, Funding and Refunds

Government Funding Eligible Trainees/Apprentices

Learners of MTA NSW undertaking a Traineeship or an Apprenticeship are subject to a compulsory Student Fee.

We supply a quality training product subsidised by the State Training Authority and as a requirement of that funding MTA NSW, like all other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), is required to charge a compulsory Student / Administration Fee that aligns to the State Training Authority.

The learner or the employer may pay the fee, however it is the responsibility of the learner to ensure the fee is paid. The fee amount changes annually, please contact MTA NSW to confirm current administration fees.

If the learner is undertaking the course as part of an apprenticeship clause 15.3 of the Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services and Retail award states:

a) Any costs associated with all fees for prescribed courses and prescribed textbooks (excluding those textbooks which are available in the employer’s technical library) incurred by an employee in connection with training specified in, or associated with, the training contract must be reimbursed to the apprentice within 6 months from the commencement of the apprenticeship or the relevant stage of the apprenticeship, or within 3 months of the registered training organisation commencing training, whichever is the later, unless there is unsatisfactory progress;

b) Direct payment of the fees and textbooks, within 6 months from the commencement of the apprenticeship or the relevant stage of the apprenticeship, by an employer to the training provider satisfies the requirement for reimbursement in clause 15.3(a) above.

VET Student Loans
Unfortunately, MTA NSW is not a provider of VET Student Loans. 


1. Withdrawal from a course after the enrolment has been confirmed will incur an administration fee of 25% of the full learner fee.

2. Withdrawal from a course after units commenced or resource materials supplied will incur a Fee Per unit completed.

3. Discretion may be exercised by the RTO Manager if the learner can demonstrate that extenuating circumstances led to their withdrawal.

4. Refunds will be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by the learner on the REFUND REQUEST FORM.

Exceptional circumstances where you may be eligible for a refund could include but not limited to: extended hospitalisation (supported by a medical certificate) or extenuating personal circumstances.

Act Completion Payment

Apprentices that Complete the Qualification may be eligible for a Completion payment $300 which is paid directly to them. The Amount of units completed by RPL and Credit transfers can vary the payment. If the majority of units (more than 50%) are completed by RPL then the apprentice is not eligible for the payment. Please ask your trainer for more information.

Fees and Invoicing Structures

The cost of training and assessment will be invoiced to the learner/Employer as instructed on enrolment.

The fee for training will be charged in instalments throughout the duration of training. All fees are GST exempt. Should training be cancelled once it has commenced, any fees paid will not be refunded.


$500.00 initial (non-refundable)

$750.00 at 9 months

$750.00 at 18 months


$500.00 initial (non-refundable)

$500.00 at 9 months

School Based Trainees & Apprentices

Both school based apprentices and trainees are exempt from administration fees for the duration of their training with MTA NSW.

Additional Fees

MTA NSW will only issue one copy of the learner’s Qualification or Statement of Attainment. If an additional original is required to be re-issued, MTA NSW will charge a fee of $110 (GST Inclusive). Once we have received payment the Qualification or Statement of Attainment will be posted to the nominated address.

Learners may be given the opportunity to obtain an additional qualification during their training period. Please note that completion of an additional qualification will incur an additional fee. Fee details are outlined in the Pricing list associated with the qualification that is being undertaken. This fee is on top of any other charges associated with the training.

Fee Exemptions

NSW Exemptions

There are equity groups who are exempt from fees and they are people who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background or those with a recognised disability. If the learner falls into either of these categories, please discuss fee exemption with the designated Training Officer or directly with MTA NSW Training Department staff by calling 02 9016 9000.

ACT Student Fee Exemptions

ACT students are exempt in the following circumstances

a. The employer is the RTO for it’s own Apprentice

b. The Apprentice leaves an employer and recommences within 12 months at the same RTO

c. The Student is an School based Apprentice and the school is the RTO

ACT Student Fee Concessions

An apprentice is eligible for a concession if they;

a. Hold a current ACT Health Care Card or Pensioner Card

b. Can prove genuine hardship

c. Or if under 18 is the child of a holder of the above cards