From Classroom to Workshop: How MTA NSW is Revolutionising Automotive Education
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From Classroom to Workshop: How MTA NSW is Revolutionising Automotive Education

23.03.23 03:05 PM Comment(s) By Cara

As the automotive industry continues to evolve and advance, so too must the education and training provided to apprentices. However, the traditional classroom-based approach to automotive education has its limitations, including limited hands-on experience, lack of individualised attention, and time spent away from the workplace. That's where we excel with our innovative on-site training program that is changing the face of automotive education in NSW and the ACT. 


At MTA NSW, the focus is on providing hands-on, practical training that takes place in the apprentice's workplace, rather than in a classroom. This means that apprentices get to learn in a real-world environment, with the tools and equipment they will be using on the job. It also means that business owners don't have to worry about losing their apprentices for extended periods while they attend block training, as the training takes place on-site and is tailored to the individual apprentice's needs. 


There are lots of benefits to onsite training. For one, apprentices get to learn by doing, rather than just by listening. This allows them to gain practical experience that compliments what your business is after, and to develop a deeper understanding of the trade. The one-on-one attention provided by MTA NSW trainers means that apprentices receive personalised attention and support, which can help them to progress more quickly and effectively than they might in a traditional classroom-based setting. 


Another major advantage of MTA NSW's on-site training program is that it is designed to minimise disruption to the apprentice's work schedule. Unlike block training, which requires apprentices to leave the workshop to travel to other training providers, on-site training takes place during regular work hours, with minimal disruption to the employer's operations. This means that businesses can continue to operate smoothly, while their apprentices receive the training they need to succeed. 


The impact of MTA NSW's on-site training program is already being felt throughout the automotive industry in NSW. By providing a more hands-on and personalised approach to learning, we are helping to develop a new generation of highly skilled and knowledgeable apprentices. This, in turn, is helping to ensure the ongoing success and growth of the industry, as businesses can hire and train the best and brightest talent available. 


Our on-site training program is a game-changer. By providing apprentices with practical, personalised training that takes place in their workplaces, MTA NSW is helping to revolutionise the way that automotive education is delivered. 


Contact the MTA training team at (02) 9016 9066 if you’re taking on an apprentice or want to switch from your existing provider. 


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