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Automotive Electrical

Studying automotive electrical courses at MTA NSW provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the electrical systems in modern vehicles, including diagnosis and repair of faults. Students will gain practical experience working with advanced diagnostic equipment and learn how to interpret technical information and follow industry standards and regulations.

Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology


Students studying the Certificate II in Automotive Electrical technology will learn about the fundamentals of automotive electrical systems, including diagnosis and repair of faults in circuits, batteries, ignition systems, and lighting systems. They will also develop skills in using diagnostic equipment, interpreting technical information, and following industry regulations and standards. Additionally, the course may cover topics such as workplace safety, customer service, and environmental sustainability.

The certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology is an excellent choice for individuals who want to kickstart their careers in the automotive industry with a focus on electrical systems. It provides foundational knowledge and practical skills that are highly relevant in today's automotive landscape, offering a pathway to various career opportunities and future growth.

Fundamental Electrical Skills: This qualification provides individuals with foundational skills in automotive electrical systems. It's an excellent starting point for those interested in working with electrical components in vehicles.

Entry-Level Opportunities: Graduates of this certificate program are well-prepared for entry-level positions in the automotive industry, such as automotive electrical assistants or trainees.

Pathway to Further Education: This certificate II program can serve as a stepping stone for individuals who wish to pursue higher-level qualifications in automotive electrical technology or related fields.

Career Advancement: Graduates can start their careers in automotive electrical roles and, with further experience and education, progress to more specialised positions or even upskill and become certificate III automotive electricians.

Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology


Students studying the Certificate III in Automotive Electrical technology will build upon their knowledge of automotive electrical systems and gain a deeper understanding of complex circuits and electronic systems. They will learn about advanced diagnosis and repair techniques, including the use of oscilloscopes and other diagnostic equipment, and gain skills in programming and coding electronic systems. Additionally, the course may cover topics such as workplace safety, customer service, and environmental sustainability, as well as provide opportunities for practical experience in a workshop setting.

Reasons to choose this qualification:

·   Interested in automotive electronics and electrical accessories.

·   Good career prospects in the automotive industry being an electrical specialist.

·   Opportunities to work with advanced vehicle technologies.

Advanced Skills: This qualification equips individuals with advanced skills in diagnosing and repairing automotive electrical systems, making them highly sought-after specialists in the automotive industry.

Career Opportunities: Graduates can find employment in various roles such as automotive electricians, diagnostic technicians, or even in emerging fields like automotive specialist workshops like accessories and lighting, can-bus diagnostics, and computer programming.

Cutting-Edge Technology: As vehicles become increasingly electronic and reliant on sophisticated electrical systems, this qualification provides essential expertise in a growing sector of the industry which gives security and growth in the automotive industry.

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