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Electric Vehicle Safety Training: Module One

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The first module serves as a prerequisite for full electric vehicle training. This course is designed to impart essential knowledge regarding safety principles and practices, ensuring that participants can work safely on and around electric vehicles.

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completing this module, participants will achieve the following learning outcomes:

Safely Depower and Re-initialize Battery Electric Vehicles: Participants will gain the competence to safely depower and re-initialize battery electric vehicles. This involves understanding the procedures and protocols for deactivating and reactivating the electrical systems in these vehicles, ensuring safety during maintenance or repair work.

Safely Depower and Re-initialize Hybrid Electric Vehicles: The course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to safely depower and re-initialize hybrid electric vehicles. This includes understanding the specific safety measures and processes for hybrid vehicles, which combine conventional combustion engines with electric propulsion systems.

Obtain 3 Units of Competency in EV Training: Upon successful completion of this module, participants will acquire three units of competency in electric vehicle (EV) training. These units signify a mastery of critical skills and knowledge related to EV safety and operational procedures, serving as a valuable credential for individuals working in the field of electric vehicles.

Entry Requirements

Prospective students must meet the New South Wales eligibility requirements and already hold one of the following trade qualifications:

  • AUR30320 – Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology, or equivalent;
  • AUR30620 – Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, or equivalent;
  • AUR31120 – Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology.

A copy of your qualification, including an academic transcript (list of units completed) will be required on enrolment.

Career Outcomes 

  • Ability to safely handle electric vehicle batteries, charging systems, and high-voltage components.
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in electric vehicle safety principles and practices.
  • Opportunity to specialize in electric vehicle maintenance and repair, which can lead to higher-paying positions.
  • Adapting to the growing demand for skilled electric vehicle technicians.

In summary, the first module of this electric vehicle training program focuses on safety principles and practices when working with electric vehicles. Participants will learn how to safely depower and re-initialize both battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Successful completion of this module results in the acquisition of three units of competency, laying a strong foundation for further electric vehicle training and ensuring safe practices in the electric vehicle industry.

Next Steps

Upon completion of this module you will be able to register for the second module Battery and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing.